Faculty & Staff Directory

List By Department
Name Position Room Phone E-Mail
Yousef Abdelmonem Adjunct faculty
AJ Agnor Head Softball Coach E-247 973-300-2307
Mercedes Aguirre Batty Chief Academic Officer and Vice President of Academic Affairs B-301 973-300-2131
M. David Ahmad Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4019
Patrick Albano Adjunct faculty
Jackie Allen-Accetta Financial Aid Counselor B-212 973-300-2273
Sherri Altmann Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4001
Liz Amato Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4027
Angela Aniton Adjunct faculty
Jane Annunziata Adjunct Faculty
Bilqis Ansari Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x5521
Rick Antero P/T Evening Security Supervisor 973-300-2104
Melanie Arpaio Associate Professor Psychology C-015 973-300-2146
Sara Arthur EMT Instructor
James Badrow IT Systems Specialist B-109 973-300-2388
Alexandra Baldwin Data Research Analyst C-018 973-300-2139
Anthony Balogh Assistant Womens' Basketball Coach
Anthony Balzano Professor of Anthropology / Sociology E-131 973-300-2177
Anthony Barbere Adjunct Faculty
Stephen Baumann Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4448
William Baur Adjunct Faculty
Philip Benzkofer Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4020
Cody Berkefeld Adjunct faculty
Mary Bernat ESOL Instructor
Rosemarie Best Adjunct faculty
Jessica Beutel Assistant Director of Special Events/ Alumni Coordinator A-325 973-300-3168
Peter Bilby Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4008
Beth Billyard Adjunct Faculty
Beth Black Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4312
Edward Blevins Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4025
Wayne Block Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4009
Stephen Bloshuk PT Librarian L-Lib 973-300-2292
Larry Bono PSTA Operations Administrator 973-948-7897
Dawn Boyer Adjunct Faculty
Sara Boysen Photo Lab Assistant
Kathleen Branning Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4478
Marc Bray Adjunct Faculty
Ann Bruno Educational Opportunity Fund Program Coordinator B-206 973-300-2347
Gary Buhler Adjunct Faculty
Barbara Bulford Assistant Professor of Accounting E-246 973-300-2183
Tom Caines Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4030
Michael Cannavale Adjunct Faculty
Ron Capshaw Adjunct faculty
Edwin Carbery Adjunct Faculty
Dominic Carbone Dean of Program Advancement and New/Strategic Initiatives D-320 973-300-2329
Debra Card HS Instructor - Medical Assistant
Michael Carhart Adjunct Faculty
Thomas Carlock Adjunct Faculty
Richard Carpenter Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4021
Kathleen Carr Assistant Director of Testing Services and Academic Outreach B-300 973-300-2155/2176
Thomas Carroll Adjunct Faculty
Ryan Caruso Adjunct Faculty
Augie Casas Assistant Men's Soccer Coach
Erin Casne Transfer Counselor/Academic Advisor 973-300-2206
George Cassidy Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4032
Thomas Cassidy Adjunct Faculty
Joanna Cellary Adjunct Faculty
Erik Checkur Soccer Goalie Coach
Mark Chomut Adjunct Faculty
Jack Christal-Gattanella Adjunct Faculty
Linda Cianci Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4207
Michael Cicala Adjunct Faculty
Patricia Clancy Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4039
Lydia Clark Assistant Professor of Business E-253 973-300-2168
James Coiro Security Supervisor B-Lob 973-300-2104
Lori Colgan Adjunct Faculty
Anita Collins Adjunct Faculty
Erin Collins Program Supervisor - Agriculture and Horticulture L-109 973-300-2340
Dina Conde Dean of Liberal Arts and Sciences B-300 973-300-2324
Brian Connell Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4415
Dr. Jon Connolly President B-Exec 973-300-2120
Linda Connor Senior Academic Coordinator B-301 973-300-2132
Wendy Cooney Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice E-305 973-300-2240
Stephanie Cooper Director of College Library L-205 973-300-2161
Joseph Corleto Adjunct Faculty
Janet Creegan Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4044
H. Bruce Crisman Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4240
Colleen Cunningham Adjunct Faculty
Sandy Cupo Marketing and Graphics Specialist D-318 973-300-2789
Laura Curcione Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4068
Susan Cusano P/T Collection Specialist 973-300-2114
Ryan Cusomato College Student Recruiter C-018 973-300-2235
John Cutrone Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4178
Marilyn D'Alessio Administrative Assistant - PSTA 973-948-7897
Mario Dalmau Adjunct Faculty
Jen Daly Adjunct Faculty
Patricia Davidson Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4033
Christiana Davies Adjunct Faculty
Edna Deacon Health Science Instructor
Dan DeCepoli HR Generalist - Benefits and Compensation D-313 ext 2772
Mary DeHart Professor of Mathematics C-007 973-300-2341
Bruce Dehnert Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4041
Carmel DeLitizia Adjunct Faculty
Kenneth Delodzia Adjunct Faculty
Mark Delodzia Adjunct Faculty
Linda DeMartino Adjunct Faculty
Sandra DeRose Adjunct Faculty
Kulvinder Dhew Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4094
Lauren Dibsie HPOG Data Manager A-323 973-300-2272
David DiMarco Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4037
Solweig Dimino Registrar B-217 973-300-2219
Diana Direzze Adjunct Faculty
Vincent Disibio Adjunct Faculty
Kenneth DiStefano Adjunct Faculty
Jonathan Dragon Adjunct faculty
Richard Dreisbach Adjunct Faculty
Sophie Dutkowski Head Custodian B-109 973-300-2113
Julie Dworak Adjunct Faculty
William Ehrhardt Adjunct Faculty
Kristen Elias Adjunct Faculty
Kevin Ellis Adjunct Faculty
John Elmuccio Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4109
Thomas Else Adjunct Faculty
Anna Empirio Adjunct Faculty
Christine Erickson Adjunct Faculty
Paul Eskola Adjunct Faculty
Dan Faber PT Building Services Trade Person
Gwendolyn Federico-Malone Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4045
Jonathan Finocchiaro Veterans Services Coordinator D-110 973-300-2109
Sherry Fitzgerald Dean of Applied Arts and Sciences B-300 973-300-2127
John-Michael Flate Adjunct Faculty
Julie Fliegel Admissions Assistant B-204 973-300-2223
Christine Forgie Financial Aid Counselor B-212 973-300-2227
David Freifelder Adjunct Faculty
Christian Frentzko Adjunct Faculty
Rebecca Friedrich Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4433
Richard Fritzky Adjunct Faculty
Jason Fruge Program Supervisor of Automotive Technology R-103 973-300-2256
Wendy Fullem Executive Assistant to the President and Board of Trustees B-Exec 973-300-2120
Kaitlyn Gaffney Head Women's Basketball Coach 973-300-2134
J. Gaitskill Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4403
Heather Gallagher Director of Purchasing E-125 973-300-2110
Michael Gallegly Executive Director of Human Resources 973-300-2306
Kathleen Gallichio Director of Counseling and Advisement B-207 973-300-2245
Nancy Gallo Professor of Legal Studies, Program Coordinator E-132 973-300-2181
Ketan Gandhi Chief Financial Officer and VP of Administrative Services B-Exec 973-300-2115
Chad Gasiorek Adjunct Faculty
Roger Gelinas Adjunct faculty
Jenna Gersie Adjunct Faculty
Jennifer Geuther Adjunct Faculty
Deborah Gianuzzi Adjunct Faculty
Barbara Glass Adjunct Faculty
Richard Goffman Adjunct Faculty
Stacie Golin Assistant Professor of Sociology E-245 973-300-2174
Alex Gonzalez Adjunct Faculty
Ellen Gonzalez Adjunct Faculty
Robert Goodman Adjunct Faculty
Sara Gorst ABE/HSE Program Coordinator B-101 973-300-2158
Catherine Graney Adjunct Faculty
Katarina Grofikova Adjunct faculty
Robert Groschadl Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4414
Samantha Guber Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4080
Joseph Guerriero Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4053
Karen Gunn-Russell Adjunct Faculty
David Gunness Adjunct Faculty
Jumana Hablawi Instructor of Biology L-108 973-300-2262
Sarah Hall Adjunct
Diane Harris ABE/HSE Program Instructor B-101 973-300-2117
Mary Hayes PT ABE/HSE Instructor
Tamala Hayes Health Instructor
Vanessa Henderson Adjunct faculty
Deborah Henegan Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4082
Christine Henry Adjunct Faculty
Heather Herrera Adjunct Faculty
Charles Hillenbrand Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4069
Alyssa Hoekstra Personal Counselor/Academic Advisor 973-300-2346
Marie Homa Accounts Payable Specialist E-126 973-300-2147
Cory Homer Associate Dean of Institutional Effectiveness and Marketing, Enrollment Management, and Distance Learning C-019 ext 2116
Michael Hughes Associate Professor of Fine Arts C-204 973-300-2311
Bonnie Hull Adjunct faculty
Scott Humphries Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 ext 4185
Steven Insley Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4062
Robyn Izquierdo Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4179
Edward Jackson Adjunct faculty
Donald Jacobson Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4127
Blace Jacobus Adjunct Faculty
David Jacome Adjunct Faculty
Lauren Jessop Assistant to the Director of the Library L-Lib 973-300-2291
Terry Johnson Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4059
Rachelle Jones Adjunct faculty
Lonie Joyce Adjunct Faculty
Noelle Kacerek Adjunct faculty
John Kaempfen Adjunct Faculty
Robert Kalosy P/T Evening Security Concierge 973-300-2104
Matthew Kansky Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4149
Christopher Kappelmeier Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4092
Munir Karain Adjunct Faculty
Brian Kearns Adjunct Faculty
Donna Keller Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4061
Robert Kern Adjunct Faculty
Martin Kester Culinary and Hospitality Supervisor 973-300-2205
Aaron Kiedes Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 ext 4002
Brittany King Adjunct Faculty
Geraldine King Registration Assistant B-217 973-300-2218
Kevin Knissel Head Coach Men's Lacrosse E-247 ext 2390
Alison Kocaj Adjunct
Patricia Kotarski Health Sciences Instructor
James Kotcho Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4225
Benjamin Kozlowski Adjunct faculty
Christie Kraemer HS Instructor
John Krejci Adjunct Faculty
Michael Krupinski Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4131
John Kuntz Director of Athletics and Associate Dean of Student Services E-Ath 973-300-2252
Stephanie LaCarrubba Adjunct Faculty
Sonali Lagu Adjunct faculty
Thomas Laird Adjunct Faculty
Deborah Lanza Associate Professor of Psychology, Program Coordinator, Foundations for Success C-014 973-300-2753
Paul LaPilusa Adjunct Faculty
Robert Larsson Associate Professor of Environmental Science L-109 973-300-2170
Sandra Lascari Adjunct Faculty
Jean LeBlanc Assistant Professor of Developmental English C-014 973-300-2260
Monica Lemperle Director of the Foundation A-327 973-300-2173
Christopher Lenz Adjunct Faculty
Joseph Lepore Adjunct Faculty
George Lightcap Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4180
Richard Linden Associate Professor of Psychology E-106 973-300-2317
Michael Linskey Adjunct Faculty
Nicholas Lionetti Adjunct Faculty
Kelly Lisa Program Supervisor of Cosmetology C-020 973-300-2752
Mimely Little Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4334
Mark Littman Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4079
Tak Lo Adjunt faculty
Barbara Long Grant Accountant / Financial Analyst E-126 973-300-2111
Marianne Longchamp Adjunct Faculty
William Lorenzo Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4152
Luke Loughery Assistant Baseball Coach
Judy Lovas Interim Director of Information Technology B-109 973-300-2220
Michael Love Associate Professor L-107 973-300-2264
Besa Luty Health Science Instructor 973-300-2320 x4214
Maureen Lynch Adminstrative Assistant ext 2150
Kevin Lynott Adjunct
Ed Lyon Adjunct Faculty B-206 973-300-6560
Olga Maali Instructor of Mathematics C-009 973-300-2169
JoAnn MacDougall Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4424
John Mackay Adjunct Faculty
Fred Mamay Director of Campus Safety and Security and Coordinator of Facilities 973-300-2119
Kathleen Marquard Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4091
Melissa Marshall PT Campus Life Admin Assistant ext 2180
David Martin Adjunct Faculty
Steven Martinez Adjunct faculty
Cliff Masker Construction Projects Coordinator D-313 973-300-2357
Edward McCulloch Instructor of English / Writing Center Coordinator 973-300-2192
Gerard McGale Adjunct Faculty
William McGovern Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice, Program Coordinator E-305 973-300-2182
Patty McGuigan HR Receptionist D-313 973-300-3163
Stephen McIntyre Adjunct Faculty
John McNamara Adjunct Faculty
Julie McWilliams Professor of Arts C-205 973-300-2144
Ludmilla Mecaj Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 ext 5506
Ramadan Mehmedi Head Baseball Coach 973-300-2203
Manal Meseha Director of Accounting E-126 973.300.2754
Matthew Messina Adjunct Faculty
Kathryn Mikita GED Alternate Chief Examiner B-318 973-300-2186
Kelly Miller Adjunct Faculty
Naomi Miller Adjunct faculty
Kevin Mitchell Adjunct Faculty L-113
Maureen Mitchell Adjunct Faculty L-113 973-300-4483
Mohamed Mohamed Adjunct Faculty
Suzanne Montgomery Adjunct Faculty
James Moore PT Labratory Assistant
Ryan Moore Adjunct faculty
Hal Mordkoff Adjunct Faculty
Valeryia Morozov Adjunct Faculty
Raymond Morris Educational Opportunity Fund Counselor (Part Time) B-206 973-300-2207
Joshua Moser Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4183
Jake Mull Adjunct Faculty
Beth Muller Human Resources Generalist - Employee Relations/Payroll D-313 973-300-2338
Maureen Murphy-Smolka Associate Professor of Reading E-107 973-300-2196
Laura Murray Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4121
Chris Muszelik Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4129
Greta Nappa Lab Assistant - Chemistry (Part Time) 973-300-2765
Tara Nast PT Lab Facilitator
Laura Nazzaro Adjunct Faculty
Cathy Nelms Instructor, Nursing A-325 973-300-2239
Audrey O'Connell Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4376
Tara O'Connor Adjunct Faculty
Tim O'Connor Media Services Assistant E-220a 973-300-2370
Kathleen Okay Vice President of Student Services B-211 973-300-2682
Diana Olsen Adjunct Faculty
Priscilla Orr Adjunct Faculty
Anthony Orso Adjunct Faculty
Robert Ortiz Adjunct Faculty
Patricia Packard Adjunct Faculty
James Palmieri Adjunct Faculty
Ferdinando Palumbo P/T Human Services Coordinator 973-300-2190
Joseph Palumbo Adjunct faculty
Kate Panfile Adjunct faculty
Salvatore Paolucci Instructor of Business and Economics E-254a 973-300-2108
Sofia Partida Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4116
Harsh Patel Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4017
Gail Pendleton Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4122
Douglas Petersen Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4106
Charlene Peterson Director of Facilities and Campus Operations 973-300-2281
Kathleen Peterson Director of Marketing and Public Information D-319 973-300-2355
Joseph Petraccoro Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4125
Joseph Piccirillo Adjunct Faculty
Diane Pienta-Lett Director of Financial Aid B-212 973-300-2226
Laura Piluso-Willson Adjunct Faculty
Rob Pohl PT Academic Advisor 973-300-2210
Todd Poltersdorf Director of Admissions B-204 973-300-2253
Frederique Poulet Adjunct Faculty
Judith Price Adjunct Faculty
Richard Puder Adjunct Faculty
Michael Puskas Adjunct Faculty
Crystal Quaglio Pre-Nursing/HS Advisor B-206 973-300-2136
Paul Raffetto Adjunct Faculty
Mike Rath Athletic Trainer/Asst Athletic Director E-247 973-300-2751
Justin Rauch Adjunct Faculty
Michelle Rawle PT Data Entry Aide 973-300-2130
James Rawlins Adjunct Faculty
Dana Read Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4189
Patricia Redline Adjunct Faculty
Robert Reeber Assistant Professor of Computer Information Systems C-011 973-300-2195
Joanna Reed Adjunct Faculty
Josh Reed Adjunct Faculty
Ally Reeves Adjunct Faculty
Andrew Renaldo Adjunct faculty
Karen Rendina Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4177
Michelle Reynolds Adjunct Faculty
Shane Roach Revenue Assistant B-203 973-300-2114
David Robinson Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4171
Susanne Rocafuerte Evening Secretary 973-300-2165
Kerri Rodriguez Adjunct Faculty
R. Roeder Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4359
Amy Rude Assistant Director of Student Engagement D-105a 973-300-2200
Kimberly Ryan Revenue Assistant B-203 973-300-2105
Annemarie Sacco PT Academic Advisor 973-300-2208
Mona Salerno HS Instructor - Computerized Medical Billing
Rick Sanchez PT Building Services Tradesperson
William Sandy Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4193
George Santana Computing Administrator B-106 973-300-2249
Katharine Satter Adjunct Faculty
Ryan Scacci Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4141
Christopher Schaefer Adjunct Faculty
John Schanstra Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4182
Peter Schoch Associate Professor of Physics / Computer Science L-107 973-300-2342
John Schwerdt Adjunct Faculty
Christina Sedlock Adjunct Faculty
Theresa Seibert Health Sciences - Grant Liaison 973-300-2149
Marianne Sharpe Graduation Specialist 973-300-2214
Patty Shatsoff Assistant to President and Special Project Support 973-300-2124
Don Sheldon Adjunct Faculty
Donald Sheneman Adjunct Faculty
Thomas Shuman Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4187
Tatsiana Shumskaya Director of Bursar and Financial Services B-203 973-300-2267
Linda Siegrist Associate Professor Nursing A-325 973-300-2283
Bryant Simmons Adjunct Faculty
June Smiraldi PT Staff Accountant 973-300-2287
Jamie Smith Assistant Softball Coach 973-300-2307
Traci Smith Administrative Assistant to the Director of Athletics and Vice President of Student Services and Affairs E-240F 973-300-2230
JerryAnna Spiegel PT Lab Assistant
Katherine Stansfield Accounting Intern ext 2565
Elaine Stanton Administrative Assistant, Health Sciences A-323 973-300-2332
Mandy Stewart Graduation Specialist B-217 973-300-2217
James Stockton Head Men's Basketball Coach ext 2322
Stephen Straub Adjunct faculty
Renee Stretz Adjunct faculty
Veronica Struck ESOL Program Coordinator D-305 973-300-2157
Dennis Subrizi Adjunct Faculty
Judith Sullivan Adjunct faculty
Jacqueline Sutton Adjunct Faculty
Carolyn Swayze Adjunct Faculty
Eileen Sweeney Adjunct faculty
Joseph Szabo Adjunct faculty
Louis Takacs PT PSTA Firing Range Coordinator Assistant 973-948-7897
Anna Taylor Adjunct Faculty
Joanne Taylor Assistant Professor of Education, Program Coordinator E-249a 973-300-2185
Cheray Teeple Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4362
Michael Terpak Adjunct Faculty
Eli Thomas Adjunct Faculty
Mary Thompson Professor of English C-009 973-300-2265
Steven Thompson Adjunct Faculty
Stephen Tiberi Adjunct Faculty
Morgan Tirone Adjunct Faculty
Joshua Todd P/T IT Tech B-106 973-300-2788
Joseph Toohey Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4310
Stella Trikouros Assistant Professor of Communication / Theater Arts/S.C. Teen Arts A-219 973-300-2189
Neil Trimper Adjunct Faculty
Rossella Tripodi Adjunct Faculty
Kim Uczkowski Adjunct Faculty
Karen Unrath Administrative Assistant to the Executive VP of Finance and Operations B-Exec 973-300-2112
Ronald Unternahrer Adjunct Faculty
Susan Unverzagt PT Testing Center Secretary ext 2242
Anthony Ur Adjunct Faculty
Maria Uzzi Adjunct Faculty
Michelle Valentine-Rubalcava Adjunct Faculty
Alexis Van Duzer PT Laboratory Assistant
Jon Van Skiver Adjunct Faculty
Linda Van Treuren Assistant to the Director of Counseling and Advising B-206 973-300-2271
Brittany Vaszlavik Adjunct Faculty
Michael Ventresco Adjunct Faculty
Frank Vernacchio Assistant Director of Athlete Success E-240A 973-300-2212
Gerald Vernice Adjunct Faculty
Vincent Vitale Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 ext 4439
Violet Vjollca Adjunct faculty
James Vnenchak Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4206
Margaret Vyff Adjunct Faculty
Patricia Wagner Instructor - Computer Science C-011 973-300-2343
Anna May Walsh Adjunct Faculty
Linda Watkins-Goffman Adjunct Faculty
George Wendt Adjunct Faculty
Ronald West Adjunct faculty
Ashley Williams Financial Aid Loan Specialist B-212 973-300-2270
Robert Williams Adjunct Faculty
Alice Williamson Adjunct Faculty
Bridget Winay Assistant Softball Pitching Coach
Claire Winger Purchasing Specialist E-125 973-300-2319
Holly Woods PT EOF Program Adminstrative Assistant 973-300-2369
Joan Young HS Instructor - Pharmacology
Erin Zabriskie P/T Shipping/Receiving Clerk 973-300-2376
Joseph Zvirblis Adjunct Faculty 973-300-2320 x4166