About Us

Nestled in the heart of Sussex County, New Jersey, our campus is a gem amidst 167 acres of rolling hills, lush forests and tranquil ponds. Since opening in 1982, the College has grown tremendously in its enrollment, academic and career programs and facilities.

Our current projects include the McGuire location offering some of our career and technical programs plus the addition of 16,800 sq. feet to our current Performing Arts Center Building.

At Sussex, learning takes place in classrooms with advanced technology, around a naturally beautiful campus, and throughout the community. We offer many of the amenities and advantages of a large institution combined with the unparalleled benefits of a smaller college.

Our class sizes are modest, giving you the opportunity for a quality, personal education where you can really get to know our caring professors. Our faculty and staff are dedicated to ensuring your education and experience at Sussex is a priority.

Sussex has become the college of choice for students from New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. Our graduates consistently find employment or successfully transfer to other 4-year colleges and universities for further education.

Whether you’re a student, a parent, or a casual visitor, welcome!